Ebooks: Now You're Talking

Electronic books or commonly known as Ebooks are fast becoming popular with today’s busy lifestyle. This is especially suitable for those people who don’t have much time in their hands to read books but can’t get their favorite sci-fi books out of their hands.

Ebooks can be acquired through the net with fee or sometimes even for free. It has become increasingly common that e-books can get pretty quite addictive at times. And why not? Getting an e-book spare someone from traveling to the nearest bookstore to get his very own copy of his much beloved series not to mention that it’s only for free and won’t even eat up a single space in the book shelf.

Ebooks can be enjoyed on laptops, Palm, or even Pocket PC. But guess what? Fanatics can still get hold of the stories they want while doing something else sans the strain in the eyes they get from reading. So give those eyes some rest and let the ears do the working.

Now, the latest innovation of ebook is finally here to meet the growing demands of readers, who, in spite of their active schedules, still want to catch up with their pledge of being ultimate book worms. The Audio Ebooks are the digital counterpart of a traditional book on a tape wherein the content is in Mp3 format that can be played on a computer, cassette player or even on portable Mp3 players. Nowadays, aside from the old tapes and CDs that are being used, there are actually a lot of free and paid audio ebooks that can be found on the net.

Some of the well-known audio ebooks that are now available are the A Midsummer Night's Dream of William Shakespeare, Don Quixote by Migeul de Cervantes,The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo and Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn. Complete listings of free audio ebooks can also be downloaded on the Project Gutenberg site which is http://www.gutenberg.org/audio/thelist_computer.

Audio ebooks can also be a big help to children who loves books but can’t read yet because some fairy tales have with them a CD which can be played along as the child scans the pages of her book. In that way, the child gets to know the story of Cinderella even before she learns how to read. What's even great about exposing children in audio books at a young age helps hone the child’s listening and comprehension skills plus it sharpens ones imaginations.

Also, aside from books, lectures, public radio programs, newspapers, such as New York Times, and magazines, which includes Scientific American, an audio ebook version of them is also available for easy comprehension and comfort.

In addition, if one feels overwhelmed enough to create his library of audio ebooks, there are also some useful sites on the web which converts ebooks to audio.

With the help of TextAloud.com, converting of ebooks to audio can be hassle free already. This site also offers a variety of voices to choose from that it’s impossible not to think that a real person is actually reading the text in live. Perhaps, it is because behind those voices are the author of the books itself or a professional actor.

Have a penchant for foreign languages? TextAloud.com can also help you in learning Spanish, French and German because they also read ebooks using the following languages. It’s like hitting two birds at a time. You get to learn other languages while listening to a story. What an offer, right?

In the near future, with the vast booming technology, it is not hard to visualize seeing more number of people walking or just simply sitting in one corner with ear phones stuck on their ears with a distant look in their eyes as if they are being traveled into some distant place. Don’t fret, they’re just too amused and focused on their audio ebooks that they couldn’t care less of what people might think.

So the next time, while stuck up in a traffic, waiting in queue for a movie or even while traveling in a bus , instead offreaking out or killing yourself from boredom, why not get your Mp3s and give your ears some exercise and your brain some food?





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