The Fallacy on Homosexual Relationships: Is it Love or Lust?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It is still difficult to fathom why Homosexual love exists because since time immemorial it has been branded that Homosexuality is immoral and plainly wrong. Others relate Homosexual love to lust thus giving an impression that God strongly condemns this affection because lust is considered one of the seven capital sins which was later manifested through the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Others blatantly pronounced this act as ethically wrong and strongly stand on their views that there is no such thing as love between persons of the same sex and gays only misunderstood their sexual desire to love to give justification on their relationships. On the other hand, supporters of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexuals strongly articulate that such belief are nothing else but narrow mindedness and arrogance.

Perhaps the first thing that one must determine in order to assert if Same-sex love is promiscuous is the question of Homosexuality. Some believe that “anything unnatural is sinful, and that homosexual sex is unnatural” (Gay Church n.d.) But according to UCLA GBLT, homosexuality is not unnatural since it occurs generation after generation, despite some cultures' strong prohibitions. The article also stressed that ones sexuality or gender is not a choice, rather it chooses the person. Just like one cannot choose the color of his eyes and his being left-handed. (UCLA Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Campus Resource Center n.d.) So, if Homosexuality is natural, then it can be concluded that Homosexual love can also be considered as a Heterosexual love and cannot be considered as a threat to the society.

“Love is a force of nature” so goes the teaser of a controversial film that shocked the film industry in U.S. Brokeback Mountain is a film which tells the story of two young men – a ranch-hand and a rodeo cowboy – who meet in the summer of 1963, and unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection, one whose complications, joys and tragedies provide a testament to the endurance and power of love. (Johnson n.d.) Contrary to the usual notion, this movie is not primarily to promote gayness in any form neither a western film about cowboys but a film about human and a picture of love in a different perspective. A love between two men.

With this, the issue about homosexual relationship, especially in US, aroused several arguments once more and still, non partisan consistently condemn and reiterate that love, not in God’s plan, is not love at all. Love and lust are often misconstrued but the only way to know which is which is to test their longevity. It has been tried and tested, love can withstand years while lust can only last in just a few days or even in just an hour. So, if one’s going to look at it clearly, if Homosexual relationship is only about lust, how does one explain relationship of this kind that lasted for so many years and some, even forever?

While it is true that each person has a free will to choose whom to love, still, it is easier said than done. And yes, love is indeed a force of nature that once it hit someone, it leaves people weak, disabling them to fight that compelling attraction to someone, regardless of age and even gender. Who have heard of someone wishing “Someday I’ll grow up and I’ll marry a girl like me and we’ll live happily ever after.” No one! Destiny or not, God has a reason for everything, even the beat of one’s heart has an explanation.

Perhaps the greatest gift that mankind can receive is world peace. Everyone has been wishing for that what seem so distant word but still it remained far-flung from humanity. Why? Simply because up to now, instead of people walking their talk of spreading love all over the world, they let their bigotry rule over them without even giving chance for others to love and be loved in return. Jesse Davis (Inner Self n.d.) emphasized in his article that Gay people also live on the same planet with the rest of the people and everyone should be open about it instead of pretending that they don’t exist.

If it’s morally wrong to love a person who is of the same sex as hers then how can one typecast someone who straightly condemns and discriminate his fellowman? Also, as what is mentioned in the article, “Accepting homosexuality”, time will come that members of the third sex will soon be dating and seeking companionship from members of their same sex. (Davis n.d.) It’s a known fact, just like heterosexuals, homosexuals are also humans who need love just like anyone else. It would be so unjust to forbid them from the thing that is human nature.

Maybe it would take a long time for everyone to accept the reality that Homosexual love exists and needs the respect it deserves. That these people did not choose to be gays or lesbians nor to be a hazard in the society. If some people think that Homosexuality is such a sad life, then think again, perhaps it’s also them who make the lives of these persons depressing by reproaching them to exercise their rights to love. The formula is simple, people just need to understand and respect every individual regardless of their sexual orientation and stop being too righteous because each person is equal in the eyes of God in spite of color, age, profession and gender.

As what Lowe said in his article “…you cannot reason a person out of a position he/she did not get into by reason in the first place. So very many have no reason, only prejudice, for their homophobia, for they have never studied homosexuality.” (Gay Church n.d.) Therefore, it is hard to argue with someone on a topic as sensitive as Homosexual Love, especially if the person have not had any experiences yet dealing with the third sex. Moreover, if his eyes are still shut and his mind is still close refusing to accept the real world outside his comfort zone.


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