Filthy Hands (Chapter One)

(This is an original script I have written during my 3rd year in College, and was transformed as a short story with three chapters )

It was the usual night for the pimps and call girls. The busy street, the Christmas lights from different bars and the honking of horns while people chattering together with their boisterous laughter are enough to create chaos. Different species of their kinds can be seen roaming and wandering looking for the perfect customer. Perfect means, the one who has bulky wallet, a big fish.

Agnes approached her friend Monique, and blatantly asked “Hey! How was the night so far?” while chewing her gum. “As usual, same old thing, no customers again!” Monique replied exasperatedly.

While sharing sentiments with each other that night, it suddenly hit Agnes the Japanese Businessman whom she always sees with her friend. “So, how’s Mr. Nakamura? I thought he’s going to marry you?” Agnes asked excitedly. “That creepy old man! He fooled me, he said he’s going to marry me and take me out of this dirty job, and look where I am now? Still here!” Agnes looked at Monique and sarcastically replied “Aren’t you still immune to that? It happened to you for three times already.” “Hah! Funny!!!” Monique said then rolled her eyes on Agnes.

One night before going to her usual work, the only source of light in the room was the small lampshade at the corner. Monique can be seen talking and preparing a food for someone but no one was there with her in the four-cornered walls of her living room, except the furniture.

That same night, Monique was on her usual routine when Agnes ran up to her to let her see the newspaper. “Hey Monique! Look, look!” as she let Monique see the news putting the paper almost right in front of the latter’s face. “What?!” Monique asked irritated after spitting her gum. “Look who’s on the paper, he was the man you’re with last night, right?” Agnes looked at Monique hoping she’d say no. Monique looked closely at the paper and much to Agnes’ dismay, her friend replied yes in a monotonous voice. “So?” Agnes asked Monique anticipating an explanation to what happened that was also answered with “So?” by Monique. “Someone killed him and cut his right finger!” Agnes answered back frustratingly upon seeing that her friend is not even alarmed to what had happen. “And you were the last person whom he was seen with! Are you sure…?” Agnes’ annoyed look suddenly changed into fear while she backed off from her friend without even finishing her sentence “Sure what? Don’t tell me you’re suspecting me.” Monique retorted while raising an eyebrow. “And why not? It seem as though you don’t even care about this thing” was Agnes’ defense. “Why should I? Is he my relative or something? Hah! Good for him, he didn’t paid me the exact amount that we agreed on.” Monique shot back on Agnes with an uneven smile on her face. “But Monique…you don’t get the picture! Aren’t you alarmed, this is the second time that this happened? That all the man you’ve slept with was found dead the next day. The police might suspect you again.”

They were in the middle of the conversation when two Police Officers came and invited Monique for some questionings about the killing incident. Monique tried to let go of the cop’s grip but they were too strong for her. After some interrogations at the headquarters, which led to nowhere since the officers doesn’t have strong proof that Monique was the serial killer, she was then released again just like the previous grilling done to her before.

It was evening and Monique didn’t go out because he wasn’t feeling well that time. She’s in the kitchen preparing food. The kitchen was in shambles that time and mess was everywhere. She was in the middle of slicing the vegetables when she recalled the humiliation done to her last night. “Hah! Those pesky cops! The nerve of them to think that I’m the killer! Do I look like one? Tell me! Or…do you know something about this?” Monique stopped chopping the vegetables then look around her as if talking to some sort of invisible individual, while holding up the knife. “Oh, cut it off! Of course you don’t know anything about this, do you?” Good thing I was still able to get at least one customer last night!”

She was in the middle of her monologue when she heard the flash news over the radio.

“Now let’s hear our 9:00 new. The serial killer strikes again! Miguel Flores, a 29-year-old businessman was found dead in an abandoned lot at Marikina, early this morning. Investigators said that Mr. Flores was last seen with Ms. Monique Santos, a prostitute, early 10:00 p.m. last night. And because of the consecutive killing incidents here in Metro Manila, everyone, especially the male species are advised to take extra care, especially during the night.”

Monique turned off the radio and a lopsided smiled crossed her face. “Monique Santos…the serial killer!” She exclaimed then a piercing laugh echoed in the dim-lit room.




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