Mailing List: Subscribe Or Unsubscribe?

Saturday, March 18, 2006
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“It’s not about what you know but who you know”

This statement is true when it comes to marketing. Competition nowadays is very stiff and as a businessman, one can no longer ensure the stableness of his business like the way it used to be. Different enterprises has been sprouting like mushrooms that in just a blink of an eye he will just wake up and realize that his business is already down to its foreclosure. Entrepreneurs cannot always rely on the loyalty of the customers either since if they are given a more attractive price, goods and services, then definitely, they won’t even hesitate to switch to its competitor.

Now this is where marketing enters the picture. The most important thing in business is retention and to always keeps the business in the spotlight. And establishing contacts always does the magic when marketing is the topic. It’s just a matter of getting the right information from the right person.

So how does one establish contacts anyway? There are several ways on how to produce wide arrays of connection to make product marketing much easier. Ever heard of the term “Mailing list?” Mailing list is a list of names and e-mail addresses. On the other hand, this list may also include home address of a person. From this list collected, forms a database which is very important if one is dealing with an online marketing sector.

At this moment, the question at hand is where to get that list of names and e-mail addresses? The basic way to build a mailing list is by securing names and address information from people who shows interest in a particular product. Some coffee shops, usually have fish bowls positioned in an area near the counter where customers can easily spot it and drop their business cards for free mailing lists if ever the coffee shop have an upcoming promos.

For online marketing, one should regard the mailing list as the most important facet in a business because without customers there would be no profit. Thus, they should be taken care of, both old and new.

There are various ways wherein one can get the information he wanted, for increase of contacts, through the internet. Many hate pop ups but promoters of particular services or products actually love pop ups that they even pay just to have them. But why break bones when you can have pop ups do all the workings? Plus the good news is that these allegedly annoying stuffs are only for free.

The website offers a free account to let your promo and services appear through pop up windows in somebody else’s homepage. Well, that’s too much of an exposure and worth the two minutes you spent on just signing in.

So how does this work? When a pop up window appears in the middle of the net surfing, tendency is that the user will just ignore it and click the “x” button without even taking time to read its content. Others, who get irritated with the windows that continuously show up, will eventually decide to take time in reading what that window was trying to convey, and if the offer interests him, he’ll just simply check the box to get a free report or offer. Here’s the catch, once they did that, they will be automatically added to the auto responder series and he can be contacted automatically by the owner of the pop up without the latter even lifting a finger.

Aside from pop-ups, special offers by and is one good way of gathering e-mail addresses as a part of their mailing list. The objective is clear, visitor or even regular patrons of the site who wants to avail of the special offer “Get 6 issues of TIME for only $1.99” just needs to simply fill out the order form and give out information like names and e-mail addresses. This also goes with CNN’s free membership. The member benefits they are offering like breaking news e-mail alerts, sports news and score alerts, CNN/Money's portfolio tracker and a wide variety of e-mail newsletters plus the games and trivia is really an offer without even spending even a cent.All of these just for an e-mail address only and giving it out with a reputable company like TIME and CNN won’t hurt either.

They say that it is a lot harder to acquire new customers than to keep a current one, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the loyalty and trust of both? Keep in mind that business is all about marketing and networking. Take care of the current, look out for future and watch how the mailing list grows. Then, at the end of the day, one will realize that a marketing genius can really go far in business but a person with lots of links and contacts can go farthest.


How Contagious is the Viral Marketing?

Everyone who’s involved in marketing or advertising has already mastered the art of reaching their target consumers in a fast, effective, easy and even cheapest way. There are lots of ways and means on how to touch prospective clients and the television is proven to be the most effective yet expensive way. Nevertheless, with the fast boom of technology, the Internet is now also considered as one of the easiest and comfortable avenue to disseminate product awareness.

The word “free”, perhaps, is the most compelling word in a marketer’s vocabulary and this is basically what Viral Marketing is all about. From the term itself, which is coined from the word “Virus”, viral marketing is a marketing technique which is similar to a spread of an epidemic that can reach others through word of mouth to increase brand consciousness.

Viral Marketing has been popular because it’s been proven to be more efficient than the others. It makes advertising easier, and it can obtain a high and rapid response rate at a relative low-cost. Remember, if one likes a particular service, a person will tell it to his friend then his friend will pass it to her friend, therefore, a word or mouth marketing starts. However, one main weakness of this technique is that messages, which are usually send through e-mails may look like spam mails, thus creating a bad impression on the brand and without knowing it, the said promotional messages will just be sent to the e-mail’s trash bin.

One typical example of viral marketing is the wherein the tactic goes like this. They give away free e-mail service, then every message they sent has a simple tag at the bottom which says “Get your private, free email at”. On the other hand, those who receives the e-mail will be able to see the note below the message and it will encourage them to get their own e-mail address with hotmail since it is just for free then the list goes on, the propelling of message to reach a number of recipients hence increasing social networks.

There are several types of viral messages and methods of transmission. One type is the pass-along message which encourages users to pass the message to others. One example of this is chain letters which prompts readers at the end of the message to forward the e-mail to a number of users believing that they’ll get good luck if forwarded and bad luck if done otherwise. Another form would be the infamous anonymous matching on which requires a user to create a list of friends or acquaintances they secretly crush on. A match only happens if the object of their affection responds by logging in and does the same. Most of these services allow users to email anonymous messages notifying them that a concealed person fancies them. Hopeful romantics become hooked up on this marketing as they aim to find out if their crush also feels the same for them.

Also, the process of dissemination can occur in various ways. It may be through word of web where it converts web-based information into an e-mail. One classic example is the article from wherein there’s a link that encourages someone to send a particular article to a friend. Another sample would be the word of email, which is considered to be the most common type. It’s just the simple forwarding and exchanging of e-mails such as jokes and the like. But perhaps, the fastest mode of transmission would be through instant messaging such as Yahoo messenger, ICQ, Google and MSN since this is most popular among young people and a link referred by a friend is more likely safe than by some unknown sender through e-mails.

Sometimes marketing companies even offer rewards or special offers for referring customers, encouraging the use of the aforementioned methods. Freebies and discounts can be music to the ear of everyone especially if acquiring them is just as easy as counting from one to three. This is probably one of the main reasons why marketers prefer this technique among others.

For a viral marketing to be successful, an effortless transfer of marketing message to others is important and this works famously on the internet because on the spot transmission is a lot undemanding and less costly. Also, from a marketing point of view, it is essential that the message to be transferred is simple to avoid degradation. In short, the principle of KISS must be followed. Keep it short and simple so that marketing message would not trigger the recipient to aim the mouse pointer to the “report as spam” button.


Ebooks: Now You're Talking

Electronic books or commonly known as Ebooks are fast becoming popular with today’s busy lifestyle. This is especially suitable for those people who don’t have much time in their hands to read books but can’t get their favorite sci-fi books out of their hands.

Ebooks can be acquired through the net with fee or sometimes even for free. It has become increasingly common that e-books can get pretty quite addictive at times. And why not? Getting an e-book spare someone from traveling to the nearest bookstore to get his very own copy of his much beloved series not to mention that it’s only for free and won’t even eat up a single space in the book shelf.

Ebooks can be enjoyed on laptops, Palm, or even Pocket PC. But guess what? Fanatics can still get hold of the stories they want while doing something else sans the strain in the eyes they get from reading. So give those eyes some rest and let the ears do the working.

Now, the latest innovation of ebook is finally here to meet the growing demands of readers, who, in spite of their active schedules, still want to catch up with their pledge of being ultimate book worms. The Audio Ebooks are the digital counterpart of a traditional book on a tape wherein the content is in Mp3 format that can be played on a computer, cassette player or even on portable Mp3 players. Nowadays, aside from the old tapes and CDs that are being used, there are actually a lot of free and paid audio ebooks that can be found on the net.

Some of the well-known audio ebooks that are now available are the A Midsummer Night's Dream of William Shakespeare, Don Quixote by Migeul de Cervantes,The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo and Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn. Complete listings of free audio ebooks can also be downloaded on the Project Gutenberg site which is

Audio ebooks can also be a big help to children who loves books but can’t read yet because some fairy tales have with them a CD which can be played along as the child scans the pages of her book. In that way, the child gets to know the story of Cinderella even before she learns how to read. What's even great about exposing children in audio books at a young age helps hone the child’s listening and comprehension skills plus it sharpens ones imaginations.

Also, aside from books, lectures, public radio programs, newspapers, such as New York Times, and magazines, which includes Scientific American, an audio ebook version of them is also available for easy comprehension and comfort.

In addition, if one feels overwhelmed enough to create his library of audio ebooks, there are also some useful sites on the web which converts ebooks to audio.

With the help of, converting of ebooks to audio can be hassle free already. This site also offers a variety of voices to choose from that it’s impossible not to think that a real person is actually reading the text in live. Perhaps, it is because behind those voices are the author of the books itself or a professional actor.

Have a penchant for foreign languages? can also help you in learning Spanish, French and German because they also read ebooks using the following languages. It’s like hitting two birds at a time. You get to learn other languages while listening to a story. What an offer, right?

In the near future, with the vast booming technology, it is not hard to visualize seeing more number of people walking or just simply sitting in one corner with ear phones stuck on their ears with a distant look in their eyes as if they are being traveled into some distant place. Don’t fret, they’re just too amused and focused on their audio ebooks that they couldn’t care less of what people might think.

So the next time, while stuck up in a traffic, waiting in queue for a movie or even while traveling in a bus , instead offreaking out or killing yourself from boredom, why not get your Mp3s and give your ears some exercise and your brain some food?


From Capeside to Cruise’s Heart

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Image taken from Eonline

Who would forget the girl-next-door from Dawson’s Creek? Dawson’s best chum who then became Pacey’s love interest. The bubbly, green-eyed girl in the titular waterway at Capeside who usually sports a tank top with matching faded jeans. And the naïve girl who sang Les Miserable’s “On my own” in her school in a squeaky, little voice.

Yes, I’m pertaining to no other than Joey Potter, better known as Katie Holmes in real life. And this teeny bopper has actually transformed herself into a full grown actress, future Mrs. Cruise and a mom to be on her child from the latter.

Katie Noelle Holmes was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. And having been brought up in the country side probably gave an edge to her in portraying the role of Josephine Potter naturally. Also, during an interview by E! with the Holmes family, mom Kathleen referred Katie, the youngest in the brood in five, as the one who is the most headstrong that she even had to go out and buy some books which

tackles the “strong willed” child to help her cope up with Katie. Martin, her

father, also added that Katie most likely got her determination from the fact that she was born two months premature and was forced to fight early on.

Because she was to tall and gangly as compared with other girls of her age, and with a very athletic family, she was encourage by her father to be engaged in sports but later on have to give it up to focus more in performing arts which included voice and dance lessons and drama. She also enrolled in Margaret O’ Brien’s Modeling School in Toledo wherein she wowed both judges and talents scouts in an annual convention in New York, when she modeled, danced, and performed a monologue from To Kill a Mockingbird (

After starring in Ice Storm, Holmes was offered the part of Buffy in WB’s Buffy the vampire slayer but turned it down to be able to pursue Highs school.

It was the year 1998 that ushered Holmes into a career in show business where she portrayed a young High schooler at Capeside High together with three other young celebrities (James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams). “I'm a lot like Joey," she said. I think they saw that. I come from a small town. I was a tomboy.” Katie pointed out when asked about how she got the part of Joey. But little did everyone know, she declined the first audition for Dawson’s Creek because it coincided with the opening of her High school Play. Yes, she’s into theater arts and that must have explained why she was able to penetrate in Hollywood because it was really in a stage play where she was first sighted and asked to put her acting skills into a higher level. Supposedly, the role of Joey Potter was nearly given to Selma Blair but Katies’ audition tape, made in her basement with her mother playing Dawson, impressed the casting director’s so much that he was willing to reschedule the audition.

From then on, Hollywood and fans alike can’t get enough of this 5’9” brunette who captured everyone’s heart, including Jerry McGuire’s (Tom Cruise). Cruise’s may not have had Katie “at hello” but there’s no need for that anymore because even before he can utter a single word, he already have Katie’s heart. For this smart, sassy lass confessed that she has a lifelong crush on fiancé and used to think that she was going to marry him. ( Well, Katie’s Fairy God Mother must have heard her long time wish that she finally granted the girl’s wish after having two celebrity relationships with Joshua Jackson, her co-star in Dawson’s creek and Chris Klein, an actor and a Midwesterner like her.

It was in the early morning of June 17, 2005 that Tom proposed to Katie atop the EiffelTower in Paris. And with such a romantic view and sweet proposal, who could resist an offer from this hot dude?

Few months after the proposal, October 5, 2005, People magazine spilled the beans about Katie’s pregnancy. The child will be Holmes’ first as well as Tom’s first biological child since he has two adopted children, a boy and a girl, from his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

The IT couple even promised to name their child Dellen Cruise, after the talk show queen Ellen Degeneres, as gratitude, when she jokingly offered to baby sit their child for free during the couple’s appearance in Degenere’s show.

Truly, Katie’s rise to stardom is just too overwhelming. Not just that, after ditching several roles and stints for her studies and school play, still she landed the much coveted role of Joey Potter. It just shows that this girl really has something in her that’s just too hard not to take notice. And who would have thought that this once premature baby would also reach her fame prematurely and a once ordinary green-eyed girl is now turning almost every girl’s eye green also for landing into the role of a lifetime to becoming the beautiful bride of one of Hollywood’s biggest movie star.



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