Filthy Hands (Chapter Two)

The night fell and once more people who are hungry for flesh and those who sell them for a living infest the streets of Malate. Monique puffed on a cigarette continuously while scouting for prospect clients. As Monique amused herself with smoke rings, two women passed by giving Monique a funny look.

“Hey! Isn’t that Monique, our neighbor?” The first woman nudged her friend, pursing her lips at Monique.

The second woman looked at the call girl, trying futilely to hide a smirk. “Correction, I think you meant…our crazy neighbor. Poor Monique, she really has gone crazy, did you hear her talking to herself the other night?”

“I bet my arm she’s the serial killer everyone’s talking about. Just look at her. She creeps me out.” Scoffed the first woman.

Both of them let out a demeaning laugh which caught Monique’s’ attention. Seeing the dirty look Monique gave them, the two women scurried off, throwing furtive looks at Monique.

Monique stared at her two neighbors, as their hurried forms disappeared in the dark. “Sheeesh. Blabbermouths.” She drawled, rolling her eyes as her friend Agnes approached.

Agnes lit a cigarette as she stood next to her friend. “Hey, heard the news?”

“Apparently not.” Monique retorted in a flat voice.

Agnes’ marble eyes grew bigger as she excitedly told Monique the news that SPO1 Reyes was found dead last Monday night.

“Oh…I knew that.” Monique drawled, unimpressed with Agnes’ news.

“How’d you know? The press doesn’t even know about it.” Agnes replied, a worried look on her face as she peered at Monique’s face more closely.

Monique’s tired expression suddenly turned into alarm, as she stammered her reply. “ Oh! I meant, he’s a policeman, so it isn’t surprising to know that he was killed or something. That can happen to all cops you know! It comes with the job.”

Agnes looked at her friend suspiciously then diverts the conversation to something else. “Have you heard the rumors? Some people are saying that you’re…”?

“What? That I’m crazy? INSANE? NUTS? WHACKED? What if I tell you that I am? I AM CRAZY!!!” Monique let out a loud cackle as she slowly walked away. Steps measured as if imagining something. She suddenly turns and looks back at her friend. “Duh!”

Agnes moved forward and starts to say something when Monique sees a handsome guy at the corner of her eye. He was standing in a corner, as if looking for someone. He wore a denim blue jacket and dark jeans. Both of his hands were tucked into his pockets. From the clueless look on his face, it’s evident that he was unfamiliar with his surroundings. Monique turns her back on her friend and walks toward the man.

“Hey there stranger. Looking for me?” Monique drawled. Circling the man, checking him out from head to toe.

The guy sheepishly looks around. He smiles shyly at Monique and nods his head.

Monique flashes a wide grin. “So handsome…got a name?” she asked as she let her fingers lightly run over his shoulders, then down his chest.


“Well hello Mike, I’m Monique. Mike and Monique…we make a cute pair.” Monique winks at Mike as she languidly walked around him. She gave a slight chuckle as she raised her hands seductively in the air. “M&M, how sweet right?” She giggles, coyly looking at him.

Then, suddenly as if a switch was flipped on, Monique straightened her shoulders and brusquely stated “Okay, enough chit chat. Back to business. What do you want? I can do everything… depending on the price.”

Mike was taken aback by Monique’s forthrightness. “Oh…oh…okay” Mike stammered, giving her a wry smile, which looked like half a wince.

“Whatsa matter? Don’t you want to party?” Monique sneered.

“Oh…oh…of course. I do…I want to.” Mike replied hesitantly.

“My, my, but aren’t you the innocent one. I like that!” Monique teasingly played with Mikes’ hair. “Don’t worry, I think you’re cute, so I’m gonna give you a BIG discount.”


Monique flicks on the light switch as she opened the door to her pitch-black room.

“So, this is your place?” Mike asked, checking out the place.

Monique put down her bag and proceeds to remove her earrings. “Yeah, it’s a bit small though, isn’t it?”

“Well, I think it’s nice and cozy” He replied, as he stood in one corner. “Do you live alone?”

‘Ummm…yeah, I do! Anyway, just make yourself at home, okay?” Monique proceeds to the kitchen to open the refrigerator. “Want something to drink? Soda, Juice?”

“Water would be great.” Mike begins to relax as he sits down.

Monique gives Mike a glass of water and sits comfortably beside him.

“So, why’d you end up in this line of work?” Mike asked as he takes a sip of water.

Monique was a bit taken a back and raised her eyebrow. “Well, I’ve never been asked that before? Usually they just wanna get it on as soon as they’re through the door. What are you? Some kind of a reporter or something?”

“Oh no. I was just curious. I’m sorry, did I offend you?” Mike turned to look at Monique, concern visible on his face.

“No, not really!” Monique paused and let out a big sigh. “Just surprised. I really didn’t have a choice. My parents died when I was young and I was left with nothing. My dreams are just simple you know. To have a nice house, a family to call my own, and a…a man who will love me for who I am. A man who will finally put a wedding ring on my finger.” She looked away trying to control the tears welling in her eyes. “But sad to say, I’ve always been unlucky when it comes to love. I’ve had a lot of men tell me they want to marry me. Telling me they’ll give me the sun and the moon. In the end they’re all the same. They always leave me with false hopes.” Monique suddenly sits up and shrugs her shoulders. She wipes away the tears and looks pointedly at Mike. “Enough sob stories. So what do you wanna do now?” ‘

Mike gave Monique a forced smile. He looks at her intently. The dingy little room became quiet, so quiet they could already hear the pounding of their hearts. Slowly Mike lean over and begins to kiss Monique.



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