This Bud's For You

As a person’s candle multiply in her Birthday Cake, her circle of friends also widens. As what they say, a person counts her age not by years but by friends.

Now let’s do some recap… Could you still recall the time when you’re always being scolded by your mom for skipping your afternoon nap just to play with your neighbor? Or how about the instance when you were embarrassed by your teacher in front of the class because you were caught giggling with your seatmate for eyeing your crush seated in the next row? Enter College, whole new set of friends and people you have to deal with. Now can you get the picture? It gets so confusing. With so many friends surrounding you, are you certain that that they’re not in a masquerade?

Are you sure that the person whom you’re fond of calling “Bes” is really a bona fide friend of yours? Read on and get the 411 that’ll undoubtedly leave you with the realization that “This Bud’s for me!”

Trust is very essential in a relationship. It doesn’t only imply with your significant other, but it’s also very vital in a Friendship. Without trust, the companionship is worthless. It’s just a waste of time and effort. Who would want belong in a group full of prentenders? And think of this…if they’re always dubious on you, and they think that you’re a suspicious looking character, then there’s a bigger possibility that they’re always thinking, and worst, saying nasty things about you behind your back. What you see isn’t what you get. Relationship without trust isn’t bound to last.

Let your pal gRow. Don’t control your friend’s life. Remember that she has her own life to manage and you’re only there for guidance. When you give advices, don’t expect that they’ll follow it. They may listen but don’t force them to obey it. Let them stumble and get up on their own so they’ll learn to be more independent. Yes, it’s only natural to be concern because they’re your friends, but learn when to loosen the tie. And when it goes the other way around, remember, “CHANGE YOUR FRIENDS EVERY SIX MONTHS IF YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GROW IN THEM”

Understanding is one key for a long-lasting friendship. Learn to accept your pals’ indifference. Keep in mind that each member of your circle of friends has her own identity and experiences that may cause her to act contradicting to what you expected from her. Be it in good times or bad, still be a friend to them. Life is not always a blissful walk, you may encounter several needles when trudging along with them but learn to pick up those even though you know that you might get prick and hurt, I’m very much sure that they’ll teach you few lessons in life. Don’t let it be a reason for holding back the friendship. When problems come across your way, make a different approach to counteract it to let you see the good side of it rather than the bad.

Empathize with your friends. Avoid making undesirable comments about them, especially to the people who means so much to them. Being honest is nice but being tactless to the point of not minding what others may feel is another side of the story. Know when to pause sometimes. Know when to say the right things at the right time and to the right person. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts your friend too. Sometimes the truth can be so strong to take that it can wreck a friendship, but it all depends on how you and your pal deal with it.



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