Stop...Look and Listen

Sometimes, in our relentless effort to please other people, there comes a time that we’re already limiting our own happiness. We live up to others expectations knowing that what we’re projecting to other is not really us.

The world is a big theater where all of us are actors. We hide our true selves in a different mask. While in the front stage, we show to others that we’re strong but once we go to the back stage, we sit there, sulk in one corner, thinking how worn out we already are.

Sometimes, I wish that the world were not that complicated. How I wish life was simple like before. It’s very hard to show to others that I’m okay when I know I’m not. To smile while holding back the tears welling from my eyes. And to stand up when I’m all laid down on my feet.

If only I could retreat from my problems I would, but I know I can’t, they’re expecting a lot from me and they’re not used to seeing me like this. I have to wipe away my tears and hold my head up high even though my head’s screaming for a break. I’m all wounded and I don’t think if I'll ever be healed.

I want to cry and tell everybody that I want to give up…it’s enough. But how would I be able to show others that I’m also weak when it’s from me they get all their strengths from? They think I’m so tough and I never withdraw from anything. They think I’m problem free when in fact I’m not. I’m also human, I can feel pain, and like others, I also need some rest. Why can’t some people understand that I also get tired gratifying them. How I wish even just once in my life I’d do things without minding what other people might say. I’ll wake up, eat, go to school, go home, eat and sleep without people dictating me what I should do or act.

It’s so funny that we think of what other people will say to us when on the contrary, they won’t have anything to do with our own happiness later on. On one occasion, let us stop thinking others, don’t be too selfless. Look or search for the things that would make you happy and fully satisfied. Then listen not only to your brain but to your heart as well. The brain might give you best advice but who knows what you’ll get when you follow your heart even for a minute.



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