Not Another Love Article

“Love, love, love is such a beautiful thing…you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and then won’t remember a thing.”

A friend once wrote in his diary. That very line made me ponder of what really is love.

Love never ceases to inspire our minds whenever we write. Get a magazine, book or a newspaper and I assure you that you’ll find at least one article related to love. Almost all the poems being published is all about it, so many that sometimes it gets so boring, but being a Filipino and romantic by nature, we still do read them. Love is human nature.

So what really is love? Even people during the ancient times have tried to explain but seldom can they define it. Do you still remember the first time you wrote in a slum book? What did you write upon encountering the question “What is love?” Are you one of the people who wrote cheesy definitions like “Love is like a rosary that’s full of mystery”, “Love is blind” and the safest answer, “Love is God?” Hey, don’t chuckle, it may seem so corny but it’s the truth, right? I must confess that I often use the latter one. I don’t know why, maybe because it’s the simplest of all and its sounds very religious. Well, actually, it’s because I really don’t know what the term LOVE really means. Yes, I can just copy my friends definition or from a quotation, but I want something different, something that really came from my heart, my very own definition of LOVE. I’m not saying that the ones I’ve mentioned aren’t true, they are. It’s only that that we just write anything without really understanding what we are writing.

Love has a reason which reason itself does not know. Yes, love is like a rosary that’s full of mystery. It moves in a magical way where each of us can be an easy prey if we’re weak and vulnerable. It’s always a mystery why we get so attracted to a person so much even though he doesn’t even meet our standards. And maybe that’s where soul mate enters the picture. Serendipity. They say that there’s someone in this world that’s really meant for us, and you’ll know that he’s or she’s the one when there’s “MAGIC”.

Yes, love is blind. We are blinded by love that we tend to overlook a person’s bad side, because we believe that loving is accepting the person for who he is no matter what. We become blind that we drown ourselves to martyrdom. We allow ourselves to look stupid and forever be hurt, simply because we love the person so much that we can’t afford to lose him or her. You’re always willing to forgive regardless of the pain he or she has inflicted on you.

But love doesn’t only make us BLIND, it makes us DEAF and DUMB too. Deaf to other’s criticisms and to the dictates of our brain. Dumb because when we fall in love, more often than not, we lose our own identity that we hardly know ourselves anymore.

And yes, love is God. Simply because we’re all made out of God’s love for us and that’s what he wants us all to do. To love one another and make him the center of it.

You can never learn to love unless you experience pain. Very true. Because love is not all the time like those fairy tales that ends up happily ever after. Remember, it’s just a fantasy and not the reality.

The world is full of pretenders with a mask of a prince charming to deceive their princess. Most take love for granted and when they realized their own mistake, it’s already too late for them. It’s very rare to find true love, so once found, be sure not to let it slip away or you might regret it for as long as you live.

Now, after 20 years of waiting, I finally have my answer. Of all the things I’ve experienced, I had a taste of happiness, sadness, success and failures. Now I am ready to define what for me love is.

Love is when you never get tired of the person no matter how he’s getting into your nerves. You’re always willing to forgive and forget though you know that you might end up bruising yourself again. You’re always willing to understand no matter how unreasonable he is. Everybody believes that he’s a bad news but you still stick with him, knowing that no one sees him the way you do. You’re always willing to love him without expecting any in return and don’t keep a record of his mistakes. You’ll risk and sacrifice everything for him and you love him so much that it hurts already.

I know you might say that it’s not love, it’s already stupidity. But that’s my point here. The meaning of love differs from one person to another. You can never have the exact meaning like the others because no one can ever tell you if what you feel is already love, because it’s not them who feel it, it’s up to you to find it for yourself.

And loving, for me, is not limiting ones self by saying that you won’t give you 100% love to that person, because it is not loving, it’s installment. When you love, give your best. You might get hurt but it’s the fact of loving, you always do get hurt whether you give your 100% or even 50%. It’ll always be that way, there’s still a possibility of getting hurt, so what’s the sense of installment? At least in the end, you can proudly say that you’ve really experienced how to love and be loved wholeheartedly. Give your best shot so that you won’t regret anything in the end.



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