Is he just a BUDDY or a SOMEBODY?

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Are his stares somewhat different than the usual? Is he showering you with so much attention lately?

Take this quiz and find out if your guy pal is harboring hidden sparks for you.

1.When walking with friends, he is usually:

a.Beside you
b.Behind you
c.Of course, with the cutest girl in the group

2.When you give him a phone call to accompany you to watch a movie, he would probably say:

a.“Yeah, sure! When and where?”
b.“I’d love to, but I’m not sure yet about my schedule,
maybe I’ll go if nothing else comes up
c.“ Umm… I don’t know because I’m quite busy these past few days.
Maybe you can just ask someone instead.”

3. When he talks, he always gabs about:

a. The cute girl he met and how he wished you would meet her.
b.Anything under the sun, as long as he knows you’re interested
And not bored.
c. His dream girl and how he wants to settle down in the near future

4. Aside from money, his wallet has:

a. Your picture together with him
b. The wallet size picture you have given him and your baby picture
c.Nothing much! It is unorganized but you can still find that cute little
Card you gave him on his last birthday.

5.On your birthday:

a. He will be the first one to greet you
b. He may forget that it is your birthday but you are sure he will remember
to greet you before the end of the day.
c. He will treat you to a fancy restaurant with matching dozen of roses

6. It is raining cats and dogs and there is no ride home neither a phone; you need to get home because it is getting late already; he:

a. Suggests that you both walk home and offers you his favorite black leather jacket to keep you warm.
b. Suggests that you both walk home instead because walking in the rain would be more fun than waiting for nothing.
c. Refuses to go, telling that you might catch flu and said that he’ll just explain to your folks what had happened.

7.He is going to attend a party this Saturday and it is a must that people go with dates; he:

a. Calls you and tells you about the party then later on changes the topic.
b.Would rather stay home than tag along a date for the whole night: Who loves parties anyway?
c.Calls you right away and ask if you have other plans this Saturday.

8.You introduce him to your pretty balikbayan cousin, he:

a. Casually says “Hi” then talks to you
b. Suddenly shifts his attention, from you to her, and asks if she is free tonight
c. Gives her a smile then asks if you feel like watching a flick this night.

9. When dining outside:

a. He always offers to pay the bill
b. He offers to pay the bill and asks you to treat him for a dessert
c. You always go Dutch treat or sometimes take turns in treating each other

10. You have a Volleyball game this afternoon and he promises to watch, but they suddenly has a surprised quiz in Algebra at the same time as your game; he:

a.Decides not to take the quiz, saying he will just make up for the quiz next time
b.Says sorry and promises to just watch your next game
c.Promises to answer the questions as quickly as possible so that he will be able to watch your game.


1 a- 2 b-3 c- 1

2 a- 3 b- 2 c- 1

3 a- 1 b- 2 c- 3

4 a- 2 b- 3 c- 1

5 a- 2 b- 1 c- 3

6 a- 2 b- 1 c- 3

7 a- 2 b- 1 c- 3

8 a- 2 b-1 c- 3

9 a- 3 b-2 c- 1

10 a-3 b- 1 c- 2

Tough as a Rock Friendship

(10-17 points)

Your friendship is as tough as a rock. You enjoy each other’s company but the thought of you two, as a couple probably does not even cross his mind. He can do and tell things that he wants, knowing you will understand him and you are comfortable with it.

Playing the Waiting Game

(18-28 points)

Your friendship is still the best for him as of now, but how about later? This relationship keeps you guessing what is really up with him. Is he treating you extra special than usual or are you just being paranoid about it? However, there is a possibility that this boy bud of yours feel something special for you. He may not show it to you because he is still waiting for the right time to find out if you will click together being more than friends. On the other hand, do not assume too much that he is head over heels over you. The last thing you want to do is to put yourself in the “Hall of Shame” for being turned down.

Down to Lovers Lane

(29-30 points)

It is obvious, he is really into you! Skipping the Math exam just to see you is no joke, and his walking behind you is a surefire sign that he is checking you out. So, if the feeling is mutual, then there is nothing to worry about. Just be sure about your feelings, do not jump into a relationship right away and think it over a hundred times. Do not jeopardize a good friendship for an uncertain romance. On the contrary, if you do not feel anything romantic toward him, do tell him but do it in a subtle way. Be sensitive about his feelings, you would not want to lose a good guy friend, would you?



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