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Below is the feature article I made for Blush Magazine,our school project.I Interviewed one of my clique who was then the school's representative for Campus Diva. Sugar, thanks for the pix from Friendster...I owe you one. ;p

The recently held Search For Ms. Campus Diva last October 1, 2002 was such a blast. There were 24 schools who vied in the said contest and Blush was lucky enough to interview one of the winners for Ms. Campus Diva. The 3rd runner up gal from Siena College of Q.C.

Now, let’s get a little up close and personal with Phyllys.

Full Name: Phyllys C. Flores

Nickname: Sugar

Birthday: July 29, 1982

School: Siena College of Q.C

Blush: Since when did you started singing and who influenced you?

Sugar: I started singing when I was 4 years old. Almost all the members of our family know how to sing, especially my mom and my aunt. They always find time to hear me sing and make me participate in our family gatherings.

B: Have you undergone any workshop in singing?

S: Yes, at Yamaha. I think it was 4 years ago. My grandma decided to enroll me there after graduating from High school because she believes that with a professional instructor, I would be able to enhance more my singing ability.

B: So, you were finally chosen as the 3rd runner up for Campus Diva. Have you ever imagined yourself joining a prestigious contest like this?

S: Imagined? Yes, but in reality, no. Because I’ve already joined the Search for Campus Diva last year but I was not chosen. And this year, when I decided to join again, I didn’t expect to be the school’s representative, to be one of the finalists, then later bag the 3rd runner up.

B: How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

S: Successful in the field I have chosen and probably have my own family.

B: Message to all aspiring singers out there.

S: Sing from your heart. When rendering a song, be sure you’ve already memorized it with all your heart so that your actions will come out naturally.



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