Express Yourself!!!

Most of us have a hard time expressing our feelings, because as we all know, voicing out what we really feel is no walk in the park. More often than not, when we try to say what we want to say, we end up getting tongue tied, or worse, saying the wrong things. So instead of being humiliated, turned down or misinterpreted, we just chose to hide what we feel. But do you know that keeping our emotions to ourselves may result to heart ailments.

Well… good news! Do you know that you can actually let loose your emotions without talking to someone? Here’s the lowdown on the things you can do to help you with those bottled up emotions:

* Unleash your Creative side. If you can’t say it, write it! If you’ve got a crush on this major hottie in your school, why not try to write a poem about your undying love for him. If you feel really bad, then write a composition about it, maybe you can contribute it to your school paper. Who knows? You might discover a journalist in you.

* Do Creative Dramatics. This one is sure fun. All you have to do is act out what you feel. Face a mirror and pretend you’re talking to the person you love or hate the most. Say what you want to say, no holds barred, it may also help hone your acting skill. Just be sure to do this inside your room, where no one can see you, or else they might think that you’ve already gone crazy.

* Start a Diary. Write your thoughts in a journal and make it your new best friend. From the time you felt really bad when your parents reprimanded you to go to that “PARTY OF THE YEAR” down to your deepest darkest secret. Writing what you feel purges you of everything you’ve been keeping inside. Just a little advice, don’t leave it lying around.

* Cry. Cry your heart out, cry ‘till you can’t cry no more, if that’s the only way to lighten up your load a little bit, then CRY. Anyway, it’s been said that crying is also good for us because it cleanse our eyes. But there’s one disadvantage of too much crying, it’ll give you raccoon eyes.

* Write a letter. Are you dying to let this guy know that you’re madly in love with him? Or you’re so fed up with your very insensitive boy friend? You can’t contain it anymore and you know that anytime now you’re going to burst out if you don’t confront him with how badly you really feel because of his insensitiveness and all that. Why not write a letter addressed to him telling all your sentiments and then seal it. Hey, it's really intended not to be sent, right?



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